Abstract Submissions

We are now accepting abstract submissions from those wishing to speak at Extractables and Leachables Asia 2024, taking place this November in Shanghai, China.

If you would like to speak on any of the below themes or another topic related to E&L, we'd like to hear from you:

  • Case study in E&L: Pharma, biotech and medical device
  • E&L regulations: CDE, FDA, EU MDR
  • ICH Q3E update
  • E&L on SUS & SUP: challenges, experience and analysis
  • Risk assessment of single-use production components
  • Toxicology Assessment, detection of biological toxic substances
  • Biological evaluation, biocompatibility assessment
  • Biodegradable device testing
  • Identification of unknown extractables
  • Research on macromolecule biopharmaceuticals in E&L analysis
  • E&L evaluation of implantable inhaled products
  • New topics, research, technology in E&L

Please submit your abstract via the form below. We are accepting submissions in both English and Mandarin.

Deadline: August 10, 2024

Should you have any questions, please contact the conference producer Carol Yang at  or on +86 180 1314 1513.

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