Interview with Sichuan Insitute for Drug Control

Ahead of the upcoming Extractables & Leachables Asia 2023 conference, we caught up with Dr. Xiaoliang Wang, Deputy Director, Safety Evaluation Center
 from Sichuan Insitute for Drug Control (Sichuan Testing Center of Medical Devices.
She gave us a sneak peek of what we can expect from her presentation: 'E&L research and in vivo biological performance of implantable interventional medical devices E&L'.
‚ÄčLearn more about what she shared with us below!

1. Hi Dr. Wang, It’s great to have you joining us this year! Can you tell us more about your upcoming presentation at E&L Asia 2023?

It's my honor to be invited for this annual meeting. My presentation is palnned to include the regulations and standards followed by E&L research, the current difficulties and challenges, and several case studies related to in vivo biological evaluation results of implantable &interventional medical devices.  

2. Why did you choose to tackle this topic?

This topic is related to the theme of the conference. My daily job is more focused on biological evaluation tests on medical devices, I noticed that some progress has been made on regulations and standards followed by E&L research in recent years. I'd like to look into the relationship between in vitro and in vivo testing data and provide our curent thinking on this topic.  

3. What are the main challenges in your day-to-day work relating to E&L?

With the development of new materials and new processing technologies, the qualitative and quantitative of unknown leachables still have some challenges. In addition, to what extent the E&L research data and toxicology assessment can be recognized by review experts is still a matter of concern to the industry.

4. What are you most looking forward to at the event?

I'm looking forward to communicating with colleagues at home and abroad, getting the latest progress and dynamics in E&L research field. Some well-known toxicology experts are also going to participate in this conference, I'm looking forward to learning from them, catching up with some research hotspots in the field of toxicological evaluation on medical devices; I'd also like to introduce practices in our laboratory on biological evaluation tests, and look forward to more opportunities for cooperation and exchange and common development in the future.