James M. Vergis, Ph.D. - ELSIE Secretariat

James M. Vergis, Ph.D.

Director of Science, Research & Innovation at ELSIE Secretariat
Uma Bruen - Organon

Uma Bruen

Director, Lead Occ & Env Toxicology, Quality at Organon
Hong Chang - Weipu

Hong Chang

Technical Expert of Compatibility Research at Weipu
Hovery Yin - Sartorius

Hovery Yin

Manager of Project Management,Filtration/SUS, Confidence® Validation Services at Sartorius
Lynn Yao  - West Pharmaceutical Packaging (China) Co., Ltd.

Lynn Yao

Scientific Affairs Manager at West Pharmaceutical Packaging (China) Co., Ltd.
Xiaoxia Ye - Huadong Medicine

Xiaoxia Ye

Senior Research Manager at Huadong Medicine

Weixing Yang

Wenjing Zhao - Medtronic Technology Center – Greater China

Wenjing Zhao

Sr scientist at Medtronic Technology Center – Greater China
Yangguo Xie - Shanghai Henlius Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Yangguo Xie

Senior Supervisor E&L Formulation Analysis at Shanghai Henlius Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Diandian Wang - Hualan

Diandian Wang

R&D project leader at Hualan
Cheney Lin - Milestone

Cheney Lin

VP at Milestone
Peilin Fu - Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical

Peilin Fu

R&D Center Director at Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical
Xueping Xu - Wuxi AppTec

Xueping Xu

MS, DABT, ERT, DCST at Wuxi AppTec
Xiaoyuan Shi - SCIEX

Xiaoyuan Shi

Application Specialist at SCIEX
Yan An - Baxter Healthcare Cor.

Yan An

Senior Scientist at Baxter Healthcare Cor.
Dr. Leshuai Zhang - Soochow University

Dr. Leshuai Zhang

Professor, Toxicologist at Soochow University
Chao Yang - Mindray

Chao Yang

Biological Evaluation Senior Engineer at Mindray
Weichun Yang - STA Pharmaceutical

Weichun Yang

Senior Director of Analytical Service Unit at STA Pharmaceutical
Ewa Miaskiewicz - Smithers

Ewa Miaskiewicz

Project Manager at Smithers
Zhaodi Zhang  - Pall Validation

Zhaodi Zhang

E&L Lab Manger at Pall Validation
Atish Sen, PhD - AstraZeneca

Atish Sen, PhD

Director, Analytical Sciences Inhalation Product Development at AstraZeneca
Haiyan Hong - Saint-Gobain

Haiyan Hong

Analytical & QC & Development manager, Asia at Saint-Gobain
Melisa Masuda-Herrera - Gilead Sciences

Melisa Masuda-Herrera

Senior Associate Scientist at Gilead Sciences
Dongdi Sun - WuXi AppTec (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Dongdi Sun

Director of Chemistry Laboratory, Medical Device Testing Center at WuXi AppTec (Suzhou) Co., Ltd